Breast cancer is rising with an alarming ratio among women all around the world as well as in Pakistan. Prevention and treatment by using chemicals, radiotherapies, and surgeries have been in common for years. For the prevention of cancer, several potential agents play an important role like vitamins, minerals, nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. Honey is also used in breast cancer prevention and treatment because it contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, phenolic acid, enzymes, flavonoid, phytochemicals with high phenolic, and has high antioxidant activities. Honey is known for centuries for its medicinal and health-promoting properties. It is being used for alternative treatment for the diseases. Tualang Honey (TH) and Manuka honey are types of honey that possess a great potential to serve as an anti-cancer agent. In its chemical composition, TH has the properties of the substances that are highly recommended for the prevention of breast cancer. Anti- Inflammatory Honey contains anti-inflammatory properties that remove the harmful bacteria from the body and increases the effectiveness of the immune system. It also heals damaged cells. Anti- Oxidant Researches have proven that anti-oxidants abundantly present in natural honey are very helpful in the prevention of formation of cancerous cells. Anti- Microbial Substances exist in honey serve the function of anti-biotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal that saves the cells and body from the harmful bacteria and infections. Anti- Phenolic & Proliferative Phytochemicals available in honey could be narrowed down into phenolic acids and polyphenols. These compounds inhibit the inception and generate the anti-cancer activity that binds the propagation of the cancerous cells. Variants of polyphenols in honey are reported to have anti-proliferative property against several types of cancer. TH’s and MH’s preventable effects for breast cancer can be categorized as low rates of tumor incidence, reduction in the tumor growth, less vulnerability to cancer and strong immune system. Honey doesn’t only make you able to fight with the breast cancer but also proves preventable in endometrial, renal, cervical and oral cancers.