In the memory of 40,000 women dying from breast cancer
A road map to save thousands of mothers, sisters, wives and daughters

For the last 16 years, Pink Ribbon has been tirelessly working to break the taboo and raise awareness on the issue of breast cancer.

Alhamdulillah! After a long struggle, we made it possible that breast cancer has become a priority in the National Health Agenda.

Now taking forward our fight against breast cancer, we have developed a framework which is “Breast Cancer Patient-Centric”.

Issues of breast cancer patients in Pakistan

  • Lack of access to adequate diagnostic services
  • Lack of access to treatment of breast cancer throughout Pakistan other than a few metro cities
  • Unavailability and unaffordability of Chemo, Radiation and Targeted Therapies
  • Medicines of Breast Cancer are highly expensive
  • Molecules that are used in breast cancer treatment are expensive and all of them are not available in Pakistan
  • Breast Cancer is not included in Health Card issued by Government of Pakistan
  • Baitul-Mal caters a small fraction of needy breast cancer patients
  • There is no National Cancer Registry available in Pakistan
  • There is no National Cancer Prevention Programme in Pakistan

Recommendations for the government of Pakistan

  1. To waive off custom duties on diagnostic equipment, especially Mammogram and Ultrasound Machines
  2. Diagnostic facilities should be available, at least at the DHQ level
  3. Breast Cancer treatment to be prioritised in the health budget
  4. Inclusion of Breast Cancer treatment in health card issued by the Government
  5. Subsidise breast cancer medicines or abolish taxes and duties
  6. Allow Import of all Molecules for the Treatment of Breast Cancer and waive off custom duties too
  7. Cancer-causing ingredients that are used in food should be banned in Pakistan
  8. Establishment of National Cancer Registry
  9. Establishment of National Cancer Prevention Programme

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