Support Breast Cancer Patients


In our vision for a healthier nation, our Cancer Hospital is committed to providing free breast cancer treatments to those in need. We aim to be a light of hope, focusing on nationwide cure for individuals facing financial barriers. Our goal is to ensure everyone, regardless of their economic standing, has an opportunity for a future free from the grip of Breast Cancer

Founder & CEO’S Message

Over 10 million women are at risk of Breast Cancer while more than 40,000 women die from this disease every year in Pakistan. To provide relief to poor families, Pink Ribbon has set up Pakistan's 1st Dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital (Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Trust Hospital) where deserving patients will be provided free of cost treatment under one roof. We depend on public support through Zakat, Sadaqat, and donations so join us in our mission to save precious lives.
CEO Pink Ribbon Pakistan
Omer Aftab
Founder & CEO

Stories Of Impact

Message by Gulam Shabir

(Husband of Breast Cancer Patient Maimoona)

“Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Hospital has been a blessing for us during my wife’s breast cancer journey. They quickly helped with expensive injections and financial support, turning a difficult time into hope. Grateful for their kindness and the difference they make for people like us” 

Message by Rubina

(Breast Cancer Patient)

“Pink Ribbon Hospital truly became our lifeline when my breast cancer treatment took an unexpected turn. With a paralyzed husband and a son struggling with unemployment due to my illness, the cost of treatment became overwhelming. After initially getting affordable injections at EME, the discovery of our own home led to a sudden stop. Desperate, I reached out to Pink Ribbon, and they generously provided the treatment for free. Grateful for their compassion and support during a challenging time when no one else could step in.” 

Review at a Glance

Empowered women with life-saving techniques of Early Detection
Trained Young Girls on Breast Self-Examination
Provided free of cost Diagnostic Screenings to deserving women
Provided free Clinical Examinations to symptomatic patients

Our Services

The One Stop Breast Clinic is a fast-track diagnostic clinic for women who have noticed any changes…

The Hospital will have state-of-the-art Radiology Centre to provide a complete range of latest radiological…


The Clinical Pathology section of Pink Ribbon will examine tissues received as
Fine needle aspiration (FNA)…

A panel of breast cancer specialists who will review the diagnostic reports of all cases and will recommend…

State-of-the-art Surgical Unit/Operation Theatre specifically designed for breast surgeries…

Pink Ribbon Hospital is setting up 12 bay chemotherapy unit. Chemotherapy sessions will be administrated…

"And whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity".
Al Quran - 5:32