Ramazan, a month filled with blessings approaches to strengthen the faith of the entire Muslim community across the globe. It is the month that brings the Muslim Ummah closer to celebrate the gift from Almighty God. Now when we talk about the month of Ramazan being the holy gift from Allah, the significance of charity in order to promote equality amongst the Muslim community cannot be denied. Therefore, the hopes of the needy are held high in this blessed month. Breast cancer, a disease that has reached to an alarming point in Pakistan, claims 40,000 lives every year and out of all other cancers, it is the most common cancer. However, if detected early, the survivor chances are more than 90 percent. It remains an unfortunate fact that this disease not only affects the older women but it is also being diagnosed to younger females which is a rare trend globally. There rises the need of some strict measures to cure the disease – early detection being the key to it. Pink Ribbon Pakistan, an organisation that significantly tries to reduce breast cancer by ensuring early detection as a result of the 15 years long dedicated efforts, brings forth a first of its kind project – Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Hospital. With early detection being the main focus of the hospital, the facility will be a state-of-the-art one-stop facility for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The prime facilities of the hospital will include a one stop breast cancer clinic, radiology, radiation, chemotherapy, a surgical unit and counselling. Pakistan is undoubtedly a country with the most passionate people. Less or more, every penny donated for this cause can prove to be of great use that can eventually help saving numerous of lives and the power lies within the reach of individuals of the country. In these hours of need, your charity in the form of donation, zakat and sadqat towards such a facility can mean all that a sufferer desires. Let us come forward to the aid of all those in need through your charity and help thousands of homes and families who are at verge of losing a beautiful soul in the name of cancer. The writer can be reached at maggavall@gmail.com