State Bank of Pakistan was illuminated Pink to support Pink Ribbon. Pink Ribbon is dedicatedly working for 15 years to raise awareness for the prevention of Breast Cancer. Pink Ribbon is doing Pink illuminations since 2012 because Pink landmarks give a wonderful visual reminder that every woman should be aware of Breast Cancer. Through the illumination of these iconic structures, we can aware millions of people across the country that will automatically save thousands of precious lives. “We are pleased to illuminate the State Bank of Pakistan,” says Mr. Omer Aftab, Chief Executive of Pink Ribbon Pakistan. Mr. Omer Aftab gave a welcome speech and sensitize the attendants regarding Brest Cancer. He then requested Governor State Bank Dr. Reza Baqir to come forward and press the button to turn the Pink lights on. Governor State Bank Dr. Reza Baqir acknowledged Pink Ribbon Pakistan’s efforts in raising awareness regarding this dangerous disease. Talking to the media he said “Pakistan has the highest rate of Breast Cancer in the whole of Asia and thousands of women are dying from this disease every year. So, we have to act now to stop women dying from breast cancer”. He said “         I appreciate that the public sector is supporting pink Ribbon through illuminations and awareness activities. The private sector should also support NGOs like Pink Ribbon, who are working for a lifesaving cause, through their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Mr. Omer Aftab thanked State Bank for showing concern for more than 10.2 million Pakistani women who are vulnerable to Breast Cancer by turning pink.  He said the mission of Pink Ribbon is to eradicate Breast Cancer from Pakistan and reduce the resultant female mortality by creating the utmost awareness and providing healthcare facilities to the people. To achieve that goal Pink Ribbon is building Pakistan’s First Dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital and planning to construct more in the future.