Covid-19, the deadly pandemic, has turned human life upside down. Part of the reason for its terror was its mysterious nature, which is even more terrific for people with a serious illness such as breast cancer.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has claimed that the people who are currently diagnosed with any type of cancer, specifically, breast cancer are at a higher risk of getting severely ill by Covid. Because the breast cancer treatments such as, chemotherapy and immunotherapy may result in weakening the immune system which can result in severe lungs problems and other complications. Most breast cancer patients are uncertain about many things regarding Covid and vaccines. Like: can we get the Covid vaccine? Which vaccine is most suitable for us? Should they stop their treatment while getting the vaccine? Etc.

Should a breast cancer patient get vaccinated?
It is safer to get vaccinated than to not have it. Specifically, vaccines with weakened but still live viruses can be a threat to people with weaker immune systems or people under treatment which weakens the immune system like chemotherapy. But the vaccines which do not contain live viruses are safe and suitable for breast cancer patients.

Which vaccines should Breast Cancer patients should get?
According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), vaccines with not having live viruses are safe options for breast cancer patients. These are PFIZER and MODERNA. Moreover, these vaccines are also called the mRNA vaccines, because these work by using genetic material called messenger RNA (mRNA). These vaccines contain a small piece of the coronavirus’s mRNA, which makes your body create copies of a protein in the virus called the spike protein. Your immune system then builds up immune cells and special proteins (antibodies) to fight the spike protein. mRNA is just a small piece of the virus copied in a lab, the vaccine cannot cause COVID-19, and it is considered safe for people with weakened immune systems (called immunocompromised). However, the vaccine may offer less protection against COVID-19 in people with weakened immune systems.

Should breast cancer patients receive booster shots of the vaccine?
It is recently advised by CDC that immunocompromised people should get a third dose of the vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) in order to boost their immune response. It must be noted that not all breast cancer patients are immunocompromised. Guidance from your doctor must be sought before taking the booster.