Rise in number of women who smoke, around the world has enormous adverse effects on women’s financially and on their health. Though evil of tobacco use among men is in reducing in some countries but smoking addition in women is on rise in certain countries and this is very alarming. However, in Pakistan and several other countries, women also use other forms of tobacco, such as chewing tobacco. Unless innovative and sustained initiatives are undertaken, the number of female users of smoking is expected to rise over the coming decades as a result of increased prevalence, as well as population growth, the rise social anxiety, and dominance of domestic violence against them. US scientists have found that second-hand smokers are at a higher risk of developing Breast Cancer. Young female smokers are more likely to get addiction to smoking than young men. This is proved in an exhaustive research. Breast Cancer is leading cancer among females, and the count of its victim is rising very rapidly. Passive smoking has direct link to some cancer. World Health Organization links smoking with 25 Cancers: Some of these diseases are uterine, kidneys, cervix, pancreas, head and neck. Study proves that smoking is not only injurious to your health but also to the company you are with. Wake Up!Smoking doesn’t stop here with its side-effects. For women, smoking also increases the risk of strokes and heart diseases. To add fuel to the fire, chances of heart-related illnesses increase ten-times if women are using birth-control pills.


Even if you only smoke few cigarettes a day, why do you feel so bad when you try to quit? Nicotine creates a biochemical reaction in your body that has an immediate effect on your mood, your ability to reason, and your metabolism. The more that you smoke, the higher level of nicotine dependence will be reached. Women who smoke often are most likely to become addicted to this as a routine habit as their body becomes dependent on smoking because of nicotine’s psychological impact. In this way it can affect moods and feelings in certain situations like when feeling being loneliness, stress or in case anxiety taking refuge in smoking.