Islamabad: Pink Ribbon Pakistan, a nationwide breast cancer awareness campaign, has launched its annual ‘PINKtober’ campaign effective today (October 1). Spread over the entire month, the campaign aims at disseminating information regarding breast cancer prevention, detection and treatment. During ‘Pinktober,’ Pink Ribbon will sensitize girls and women by arranging various events and activities for direct interaction. This time around, it is working with the government to raise awareness on breast cancer by reaching maximum audience through community outreach, college programmes, awareness events and other activities. This year’s theme for the observation is ‘Become a better you,’ which focuses on health, beauty and confidence of women and young girls. The CEO of Pink Ribbon Omer Aftab has urged the public to raise their voices as one, to highlight how managing and maintaining one’s health is instrumental in enhancing one’s beauty and therefore confidence. “Our core purpose is to spread awareness regarding prevention from breast cancer and to promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing through reaching out the public at large, spread our word and make them take a pledge towards the cause of defeating breast cancer and reducing the female mortality rate,” he added. Every 9th woman in Pakistan is at high risk of breast cancer. Pink Riboon is also building Pakistan’s first dedicated breast cancer hospital where 40,000 patients will be provided free or subsidised treatment every year. Published at THE NEWS INTERNATIONAL