PINKtober- the international awareness month for breast cancer starts this Friday. It means the whole community will be painted in the colour pink and several organizations will wake up from the seven sleepers den and raise the pink flags. It has become a common perception that only with wearing and spreading they have done their jobs. But the breast cancer patients think otherwise. No doubt that the campaigns have played a role in the acknowledgement of the severity of this disease. But our duty doesn’t end here. The thing which helps the patients the most is the funding. Which you can do in the form of donations or pledging.
Patients (especially those living with metastatic breast cancer) have confessed that the colour pink is not a cure and doesn’t represent their struggle. If there were to be a colour for its representation, it would have been black or even darker shade if it exists. Part of the reason is that Stage 4 or metastatic breast cancer means that cancer has spread to the other parts of the body and there is no cure for this disease now. Had Pink been the cure, they would have been cured till now. Unquestionably, it has made people realize that they are in grave danger but it hasn’t cured them. Because cure demands funding.
“Pink won’t save you and your loved ones from a cancer diagnosis. Pink doesn’t keep my friends from dying from Stage IV cancer.”
– A stage-4 patient
Another side of the truth is that there are very few organizations in all of the non-profit worlds that have actually taken initiatives to cure people; in the form of conducting/funding researches or building hospitals/ care units for the patients.
“Research is the reason women are surviving and hospitals are the reason it’s becoming possible.”
– Myra Biblowit, president and chief executive officer of BCRF.
In a nutshell, if we really want to make a difference and save lives then we should fund the organizations and care units working day and night to make things possible for breast cancer patients. As Quran says, “those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded.” Because there is a hope that even the Stage 4 patients can be cured as doctors have a lot of options to treat this stage of the advanced disease — hormone therapy, chemotherapy and targeted drugs. Sometimes surgery and/or radiation is considered. But this is only possible with Funding.
“The public should support funding because that’s what’s going to give us evidence-based data to impact at the bedside and the organizations that are on the front lines taking actions.”
-A survivor
Taking the major gap between the demand and the service delivery into account, Pink Ribbon Pakistan has taken the initiative to establish Pakistan’s first-ever Breast Cancer Hospital. 80 % construction work of Block-A is completed and the OPD will open in October 2021. Once fully operational, the hospital will cure 40,000 breast cancer patients free of cost. To make this happen, we need to join hands in any way we can, you in the form of donation and we in the form of construction. Play your part in saving lives, Donate now!