Adopting a healthy lifestyle is important because studies showed that breast cancer is preventable around 40% by adopting a healthy lifestyle. According to the report prepared by World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute of Cancer Research “Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective – the Third Expert Report” nutrition and physical activity affect the cancer risk including breast cancer.

“By adopting a healthy lifestyle, we can boost our immune system which is essential in preventing different diseases including breast cancer. A healthy lifestyle includes taking a healthy diet, practising hygiene, being physically active, getting adequate sleep and managing stress,” Omer Aftab, CEO Pink Ribbon, said.

Around 40,000 women die every year because of this fatal disease. Researches showed that a significant proportion of non-communicable diseases are due to poor lifestyle choices and about one-third of the cancer deaths each year are due to lack of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and physical activeness.

Published in Business Recorder