The Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) at LUMS marked Breast Cancer Awareness Month on October 25, 2019. The campaign, which included a talk by sectoral experts, and an awareness walk on campus, was supported by SDSB’s Centre for Business and Society (CBS), Pink Ribbon Pakistan, and Jammin Java. Student societies, including LUMS Photographic Society and FemSoc, also participated. The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor LUMS, Dr. Arshad Ahmad, and Honorary Dean SDSB, Dr. Alnoor Bhimani. CEO Pink Ribbon Pakistan, Mr. Omer Aftab, was also present at the occasion. Around the world, October is marked as Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help increase attention and support for awareness, early detection and treatment of the disease. The World Health Organization reports that around 2.1 million women every year are diagnosed with breast cancer – a quarter of them, or nearly 500,000, lose the battle. Addressing the audience, Dr. Ahmad remarked that prevention of breast cancer may not be possible, but early diagnosis is. Dr. Bhimani addressed the sociocultural dimensions of the disease and added that it was crucial to build awareness around this critical health challenge to promote its early diagnosis and treatment. He also thanked the student volunteers who had collected funds and led the on-campus awareness drive. Mr. Aftab also shared his journey of mainstreaming breast cancer awareness through print, electronic, and digital media. A panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Faiza Ismail, Assistant Professor LUMS, was also held. The panel included Mr. Aftab; Dr. Huma Majeed, a senior breast cancer surgeon, and Ms. Silwat Zafar, an educator and breast cancer survivor. After a discussion about the disease, its early indicators, and the journey through treatment, the panellists took questions from the audience. Dr. Bhimani closed the session with a presentation of souvenirs to the panellists. Participants were also offered pink cupcakes and pink lemonade as part of the theme. The Campaign also included a ceremonial campus walk, where students from the different Schools joined in. Participants, led by Dr. Bhimani and Mr. Aftab, congregated at the SDSB Bookstore and walked together to the Gad and Birgit Rausing Library. Published at LUMS website