In our previous article, we informed you that breast cancer is preventable up to 70 percent by lifestyle changes.Taking a Healthy diet, performing physical activities and living in a good environment (limiting exposure to radiations etc.) is included in lifestyle. A healthy diet can help in preventing and fighting breast cancer. Food is the basic element for the survival of life. But food is just not used to satiate hunger, it is also used to prevent diseases because it helps to strengthen the immune system against infections. The food contains plenty of compounds that are very helpful in fighting against the cancer cells. Food comprises nutrients that the body needs such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. Some of the nutrients help in preventing breast cancer. Fruits and Vegetables Fruits like Pomegranate and Berries are rich in carbohydrates and contain fiber with anti-oxidant properties that prevent the cancer growth. Intake of these fruits for the prevention of breast cancer is highly recommended. Intake of green and leafy vegetables like Broccoli and Spinach which contains the fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins fend off the cancerous cells. Fruits and vegetables are very important because are the rich source of almost all the basic elements of food in them. Meat & Fish Salmon and Tuna (kinds of fish) are rich in nutrients like proteins and vitamins that a body needs to regulate its cell growth which strengthens the immune system that helps to fight and prevent the breast and other cancer cells. Grains, Beans & Nuts Whole Grains, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts are rich in fiber, chlorophyll (anti-cancer component), fatty acids and antioxidants. These elements are very useful for the prevention of tumor cells. The fiber plays a vital role in strengthening the immune system that supports the body to fight against the cancer cells. Lentils and beans contain Folic Acid in them that also serve as an anti-cancer agent for our body. Spices Spices like Pepper and Chilies have chlorophyll and phytochemical nutrients that fight against the cancerous cells. Usage of peppers can be in any form like Bell Peppers, Green Chilies or having Jalapenos in your food. Similarly, Ginger, Saffron and Black Pepper are also very useful for this purpose. Herbs Garlic contains Allium that is rich cancer-fighting compound. A piece of garlic every morning can lead to a cancer-free life. Turmeric contains a substance called curcumin that fights cancer and stops many types of cancer cells, including breast, gastrointestinal, lung, and skin cancer. A small amount of turmeric fights the toughest of cancer-causing cells. Cinnamon also plays a productive role in the prevention of cancer.