Researchers at several universities in San Diego suggest that fasting for 13 hours a day may reduce breast cancer recurrence and death from the disease. Scientists at two other California universities concluded separately that calorie reduction and fasting may help reduce cancer risk and improve the effectiveness of the treatment in attacking cancer cells. According to World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases and a growing health issue globally. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer among females, globally accounting for approximately one-quarter of cancers in females.

Over the last few years, fasting has moved into serious consideration by cancer researchers. It is well established that the risk and treatment of some cancers — particularly breast cancer — are impacted by obesity, nutrition, and exercise. Eating well and eating less can help breast cancer patients maintain a healthy diet and fight the disease.

What looks most promising for fasting in terms of fighting breast cancer?

You may also have heard that fasting reduces cancer risk or improves your ability to fight it. Could fasting-related changes to your metabolism really make a difference, either by hurting cancer cells or enhancing the effectiveness of cancer-fighting drugs?

2016 University of Southern California study suggests fasting may make cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy and may protect normal cells and promote stem cell production. Another study says that fasting may reduce glucose levels in the blood, making it harder for cancers to grow.

Know the risks posed by fasting for some cancer patients

 While ongoing research is studying whether fasting may help manage the side effects of cancer treatment, any possible benefits have to be measured against the potential nutritional risks of fasting, including hunger, malnutrition, and potential loss of muscle. Cancer patients who plan to fast should first consult their oncologist or care team.

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