Breast Cancer in Pakistan – Pink Ribbon’s Efforts to Eradicate the Disease
Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. Average 90,000 cases are being reported while 40,000 women die from breast cancer every year in Pakistan, which is the highest rate of breast cancer in Asia. These statistics show that over 10 million women in Pakistan are at risk of Breast Cancer.
The mortality rate is so high in Pakistan because 70% of Breast Cancer patients come for treatment at stage III and most of them do not seek treatment due to lack of awareness, societal taboos and stigmas attached with the disease. On the other hand, Incompetent health care system, lack of healthcare facilities, absence of female consultants and financial issues are some barriers to screening, early diagnosis and treatment-seeking for women with symptoms.
Pink Ribbon is the only organization working for the last sixteen years for the cause of breast cancer. It aims to reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer in Pakistan through creating widespread awareness through community engagement on prevention, early detection and increased access to treatment.
Pink Ribbon reaches out to women and girls to educate them on preventive techniques to decrease their risk of breast cancer that includes healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. They support, console and counsel women who have symptoms through listening to their problems and provide free advice for the treatment.
To further provide them end to end solution we are setting up a dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital where deserving patients will be provided free of cost treatment under one roof.
October is a global Breast Cancer awareness month. Pink Ribbon named it “PINKtober” and celebrating it since 2004 to raise awareness on this widespread disease because it is important to educate people about prevention and early detection. If breast cancer is detected at an early stage, the chances of survival are more than 90%.
Pink Ribbon arrange massive activations in 30 days to create voice from grass root level to policy makers.
Pink Ribbon focuses on prevention because breast cancer can be prevented up to 40% by adopting a “Healthy Lifestyle”. That is why the theme of this PINKtober is “BecomeABetterYou”. It revolves around healthy lifestyle with an aim to improve overall well-being of women and girls by enhancing their health, beauty and confidence.
Managing and maintaining health means increased energy levels, and a better ability to accomplish our daily goals. Pink Ribbon encourage people to love themselves from inside out, because real beauty comes from the kind of person you are, the choices you make for yourself and how positive you treat yourself and other people. And true confidence comes from within when you try to become the best version of yourself. Confidence can make you happier and healthier than anything else.
This PINKtober Pink Ribbon is encouraging people to think positive about themselves, and adopt preventive measures in their routine life which can simply become a pivoting point for all the precious lives who are at stake. So, let’s go pink and become a better version of ourselves by making better health choices, appreciating our inner beauty and raising our confidence.
Published in Pakistan Observer 29-Oct-2020