When you get to know that someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be devastating. It shakes your whole life. You have no idea what to do, what to say, or how to help. Even if you want to help but have no idea what do. In such situation, one is always afraid of exercising the wrong thing. Unfortunately, this inaction leaves breast cancer patients in a situation where her basic needs are not being covered. She is left in a place where she is uncomfortable to ask for help and is too tired to do it herself. Below are 5 key things you can do to help someone you know fight breast cancer.

1- Try collecting donations to cover expenses

Believe it or not, right people are out there to help the deserving patients. The journey to fight breast cancer is long and complicated and needs ample funds too for expensive cure available.

2- Set Up a Volunteer Schedule

Often times, cleaning takes a back burner to chemotherapy and other doctor visits. Someone needs to make a bold step up and take charge of the people willing to volunteer. Whether people are eager to volunteer to clean, cook or babysit, a schedule needs to be made, and the breast cancer patient should not be left alone.

3- Leave the Death Stories at the Door

No matter how many people you know that have died of cancer, keep it to yourself. While you may think this is helpful, this is not the time to share your story. We know you are trying to relate to what the breast cancer patient is going through but if you only knew how many death stories the breast cancer patient has to hear you would understand.

4- Don’t Take It Personal

The whole experience is an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes the cancer patient may cry and yell. Other times the cancer patient may laugh and giggle. No matter how the cancer patient acts, please remember this is a hard time and do not take anything they say personally. Many times, it is nothing more than a lack of sleep.

5- Books, Books, and More Books

The chances are the breast cancer patient is going to spend a lot of time waiting. They will need some books, magazines, games or whatever else you can think of to pass the time. This is yet another reason the Visa money card comes in handy. Find out what they like and get them plenty of it. Remember, this is only a short period of time, and they will get through it. Help them in any way you can. It is worth it in the end. In a year or so, this will all be a memory that you will live to tell about.