Patient Financial Support programmes:

Pink Ribbon has multiple programmes to assist breast cancer patients according to their financial needs and preferences. We believe that no patient should go without lifesaving medication because they cannot afford it.

1.Financial Assistance Policy by Pink Ribbon:

The purpose of this policy is to establish a fair and consistent method for providing financial assistance at no or reduced charges to patients who do not have or cannot obtain adequate financial resources or other means to pay for their medical care. The policy has the following features:

  • The grant is based on an individualised determination of financial need and does not take into account the patient’s race, color, creed, or origin.
  • Requests are received from all types of sources, e.g., directly from the patient, through the patient’s relatives or acquaintances, from doctors or hospitals where the patient is getting treatment, etc.
  • Patients need to fill out a simple financial assistance form provided by us to enrol themselves for further processing of their financial request.
  • Pink Ribbon will completely guide and cooperate with the patient throughout the whole procedure and ensure that the patient is assisted as soon as possible.

2.Subsidized Chemotherapy Rates:

    We help our patients afford lifesaving chemotherapy drugs at subsidised rates that they can easily afford. It will enable them to buy expensive chemotherapy drugs by themselves and complete their treatments without any financial inconvenience.

    3.Medical Co-pay Assistance programme:

    Through our co-pay assistance programme, we help to create a direct link between the donor and the beneficiary. Donors can send medications or the required amount directly to the patient or through Pink Ribbon and stay up to date on the beneficiary’s consumption

    post treatment
    post treatment