The 4th of February is globally recognized as World cancer day. Every year, millions of people fall prey to this deadly disease around the world. Efforts are being made to reduce the overall burden of cancer. A lot of factors like unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyles, exposure to carcinogens, and excessive drug or alcohol consumption have been identified to contribute towards increasing the risk of disease. Pink Ribbon stands in solidarity with the patients and the survivors alike. The organization further recognizes and appreciates the efforts of all the stakeholders contributing towards the cause in any capacity.

More than a hundred types of cancers have been recorded around the world to date with breast cancer being one of the most prominent types. In Pakistan, the percentage of breast cancer is the highest i.e. 38.5%, of all cancer types. This is the highest percentage of breast cancer cases in all of South Asia. Pink Ribbon is determined to reach every possible Pakistani woman suffering from this taboo-ed disease. For this cause, the organization has launched and implemented multiple campaigns to highlight the issue ad has been successful in highlighting it on a National level. The awareness campaigns highlighting the causes and prevention, the donation campaigns collecting big and small contributions, the patient support programs designed to connect the donor directly to the beneficiaries, and the construction of the first-ever dedicated breast cancer hospital of Pakistan are some of the major routes that Pink Ribbon has taken to fight this deadly disease.

This World Cancer day, Pink Ribbon acknowledges the struggle of all patients fighting cancer, those who lost their lives to this disease, those who defeated the disease, the families and supporters of these patients and survivors, and all the stakeholders contributing to the cause in their own capacities. This year, Pink Ribbon commits to escalate the efforts and reach young women to educate them about the importance of regular screenings and other preventive measures to cut the source of the disease. Statistics suggest that almost 40% of the total cases of cancer can be prevented through prevention. This World Cancer Day, let’s join hands to educate ourselves and our peers about the diseases and win a victory over all Cancers!