In a world shaken by the words “you have breast cancer,” countless women undergo life-altering transformations each year in Pakistan. Explore the profound journey and renewed life of Hameeda Nasir, a breast cancer survivor, as she candidly shares her experiences and life beyond the diagnosis.

At 26, Hameeda faced the daunting reality of breast cancer, challenging her roles as the sole provider for her family. “May 2014 marked the beginning of my cancer journey. Devastated and frightened, my family was preparing for my wedding in September that year. Anxiety and depression consumed me,” reveals Hameeda.

Despite the diagnosis, Hameeda forged ahead. “For a year and a half, I navigated chemotherapy while juggling work to sustain my household. Two weeks after a double mastectomy in June 2014, I returned to work, driven by the need to cover surgery costs, chemo expenses, and maintain our livelihood. The entire process was a profound challenge, humbling, and often frightening,” she shares.

Enduring hair loss, menopause, and the abandonment by her fiancé post-treatment, Hameeda faced the harsh realities of life after breast cancer. “It wasn’t easy. I battled nausea, fatigue, irritability, and loneliness,” she confides.

“Life after breast cancer is a continuous journey of adaptation. Eight years post my Stage 3 diagnosis, I am still discovering my ‘new normal’,” says Hameeda Nasir.