Lahore — Pink Ribbon Pakistan, in collaboration with the National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) at Higher Education Commission (HEC) is thrilled to promoting announce the remarkable accomplishments of educational institutions in the Pink Ribbon HEC Youth Awards for Breast Cancer Awareness held during PINKtober 2021. With participation from around 200 colleges and universities, this year’s initiative reached an impressive 200,000 students, reinforcing the significance of early detection and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

Empowering Minds, Creating Awareness

The Pink Ribbon HEC Youth Awards serve as a platform for educational institutions to collaborate with Pink Ribbon in breast cancer awareness among the youth. These awards shine a spotlight on the creative and impactful campaigns carried out by these institutions throughout the month of October, aptly named “PINKtober.”

Champions of PINKtober 2021

Leading the charge were The University of Lahore and Government Graduate College for Women Baghbanpura, both securing the prestigious 1st position for their unwavering dedication to the cause. Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design and Wah Medical College earned the 2nd position, demonstrating their commitment to raising awareness through innovative approaches. University of Management and Technology Lahore and Government Graduate College for Women Shadbagh shared the 3rd position, showcasing their vital role in advocating for breast health.

Highlighting Extraordinary Initiatives

The Pink Ribbon HEC Youth Awards also acknowledged institutions that organized exceptional events. Superior University Lahore and Fazaia Medical College Islamabad received the Outstanding Event Award for their impactful campaigns that captivated and educated their communities. University of Malakand and Federal Government Degree College for Women Multan were recognized for hosting the Best Events, exemplifying their dedication to creating meaningful awareness experiences.

Several institutions received Encouragement Awards for their dedication, including Gift University Gujranwala, OPF Girls College Islamabad, Baluchistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences, and The International School of Chouiefat.

The Recognition Award was presented to the Department of Gender Studies, University of the Punjab, and Hamayat-e-Islam Khawateen College Lahore, for their outstanding contributions. Hamdard University Islamabad was honored with the Appreciation Award for its dedicated efforts in promoting breast cancer awareness.

Building a Healthier Future Together

The Pink Ribbon HEC Youth Awards for Breast Cancer Awareness represent the combined commitment of educational institutions and Pink Ribbon to fostering awareness, knowledge, and early detection. By engaging students in these essential conversations, the awards contribute to a future where breast cancer is detected early, treated effectively, and ultimately prevented.