Lahore — The spirit of awareness and compassion shone bright as the Pink Ribbon Pakistan, in collaboration with the National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) at Higher Education Commission (HEC) announced the winners of the Pink Ribbon HEC Youth Awards for Breast Cancer Awareness held during PINKtober 2019. This initiative, with participation from approximately 198 colleges and universities, has proven to be a resounding success in reaching out to over 200,000 students and fostering a culture of breast cancer awareness.

A Resolute Effort for Awareness

In a determined effort to raise awareness about breast cancer among the youth, the Pink Ribbon HEC Youth Awards saw enthusiastic participation from numerous educational institutions across the nation. The awards highlighted the institutions’ creative and impactful campaigns executed during the month of October, aptly termed “PINKtober.”

Top Achievers of PINKtober 2019

Leading the pack were Kinnaird College for Women University and Government College for Women Baghbanpura, both securing the prestigious 1st position. These institutions demonstrated exceptional dedication to the cause and succeeded in educating their communities about the importance of early detection and breast health.

Government College University Lahore earned the 2nd position, further emphasizing the significance of awareness in academic circles. Meanwhile, Information Technology University and Government Graduate College for Women Model Town shared the 3rd position, showcasing their commitment to raising awareness in innovative ways.

Recognizing Excellence in Advocacy

The Pink Ribbon HEC Youth Awards also recognized the remarkable efforts of Lahore University of Management Sciences, which received the Outstanding Event Award for orchestrating an impactful awareness event that engaged students and faculty alike. University of Health Sciences Lahore was honored with the Best Engagement Award for its outstanding commitment to involving the academic community in promoting breast cancer awareness.

The Recognition Award was bestowed upon the University of South Asia for its notable dedication to the cause. These awards underscore the significance of collaboration between educational institutions and the broader community in addressing health-related issues.

A Unified Commitment

The Pink Ribbon HEC Youth Awards for Breast Cancer Awareness serve as a testament to the collective commitment of educational institutions to educate and empower the youth in the fight against breast cancer. Through these initiatives, Pink Ribbon and HEC aims to foster a generation of informed and proactive advocates who recognize the importance of early detection and the positive impact of awareness campaigns.