40,000 women die of Breast Cancer every year in Pakistan. On top of that COVID-19 has been lethal for breast cancer patients the most; Mortality rate of Breast Cancer Patients can increase in the coming years because of Corona Virus.

This outbreak also gave us a reality check that we need more healthcare facilities now more than ever.
Pink Ribbon is in the process of completing the building of Pakistan’s 1st dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital, but due to the corona outbreak, our Ramzan Donation Drive has been seriously affected.

Pink Ribbon Hospital will have state-of-the-art breast cancer diagnostic and treatment facilities which will serve over 40,000 patients per year.
We have already constructed 12,000 sq. ft. of grey structure with your help.


We urgently need your donations to complete the Hospital because
Breast Cancer hasn’t stopped.
Breast Cancer patients still need us.
They still need you.