Breast Cancer survivors always have a hard time going back to normal.
What can help them?
1. Take care of your health
You are likely to notice menopausal symptoms after treatment which include; weight gain, profuse sweating, hot flushes, and mood swings
• Keep a check on your symptoms
• Speak to your doctor

2. Talk to your loved ones
• be more open to people who are looking after you
• tell them any symptoms or pain you may feel
3. Taking it slow
• Remind yourself that this is natural and it does not change the person you are
• you need to give yourself time and be kind to yourself
• Your body needs rest from a long fight with cancer and would need time before it starts feeling the same way
4. Prepare yourself for conversations about your cancer
• Your fight against cancer is going to be the most talked-about topic of all your conversations
• You write your thoughts or answer these questions somewhere.
• It would help whenever you are asked about it because you have practiced what and how to talk about it.
5. Care for your hair
• Go to a salon and ask them to style your hair so you can flaunt your cancer-free look comfortably
6. Most importantly
• Share your story with people, make them aware of what you learned in the process so others can be helped from your experiences too.