PINKtober – Month Fully Dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Around The Globe

It’s October, and the color pink is seen almost everywhere. This color belongs to Breast Cancer Awareness Month or BCAM. Many people some of which include breast cancer survivors refer to this month as “Pinktober.”

Breast cancer is the 2nd most common type of cancer for women and girls. At least 1 in every 8th women will potentially be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunistic month, to raise awareness and stress over the importance of early detection of breast cancer. A mass majority of fatalities due to breast cancer can be prevented through awareness and early diagnosis.  When a female finds her breast cancer at an early stage, there is barely any rate for the failure of treatment, and it is tremendously easier: pills and tablets instead of chemotherapy or radiation sessions.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

The most notable symptom of breast cancer is massy lumps which have irregular edges and are usually painless in most cases, but this is a generalization as breast cancer lumps can be painful, rounded and soft as well.  Possible symptoms of breast cancer include :

  • Irritation of the Skin
  • Swollen Breast (even if no lump is present)
  • Pain Experienced in the Breast or Nipple
  • Retraction of the Nipples
  • Thickening, or redness of the Breast Skin
  • Nipples Discharging Liquids

Mammograms are not always as efficient as they claim to be, and fail to detect every breast cancer, so it is essential for you to know about these various signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Preventive Measure to Avoid Breast Cancer

Completely avoid breast cancer by being aware of the preventive measures available. This usually starts with the promotion of exercise and a good diet in your daily lifestyle. This should be a necessity for life in general. Major preventions include :

  • Avoiding all sorts of carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) such as alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Controlling your weight and avoiding obesity
  • Being physically active
  • Limiting or even avoiding hormone therapy
  • Limiting or completely avoiding exposure to radiation
  • Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Learning about breast cancer is essential, and the integrative care for breast cancer comes along with it. Advanced cures will only exist at properly dedicated cancer treatment centers. Where genetic testing, targeted treatments, and precise surgical techniques are used to help boost the survival rate for breast cancer patients. Proper dedicated oncologists with good experience with all the various types of breast cancer. Advanced diagnostic tools, such as mammography and geometric testing, along with a wide range of treatments that are readily available to increase the standard of living of breast cancer patients. Proper clinicians that help you manage the side effects of various treatments , along with cancer support groups that maintain your mental health to help with a speedy recovery.

Pink Ribbon Pakistan is a first non-profit NGO, who has taken the sheer responsibility of building a modern hospital dedicated only to Breast Cancer early diagnosis, mammography and other preliminary testing facilities that help concluding breast cancer stage.

Now it is the responsibility every Pakistani living here and abroad to co-operated wholeheartedly towards making charity via donations and contributions and at the same time corporate sector should step forward for this cause and help build Breast Cancer Dedicated Hospital to save women suffering from breast cancer from dying and to create social awareness at every level so that every woman should know her right of getting early diagnosis and treatment.

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