Pink Ribbon Campaign in urge to provide best breast cancer diagnostic facilities in Pakistan

Not so long ago, breast cancer was discussed in hushed tones. Women tended to suffer silently rather than seeking care. When advancements took place, and long-term survival rates improved, women began getting awareness of the disease and the possibility of successful treatment.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, breast cancer is one of the most common diseases found in women. Statistically proved, 40,000 women die every year of breast cancer in Pakistan, and still many cases are left unreported.

“Pink Ribbon Campaign Pakistan (PRC) commenced its operations in 2004. Till now, it is the most prominent symbol of breast cancer awareness just like in other parts of the world. PRC has been very fortunate to get constant support from thousands of people for the work that is being carried on regarding breast cancer awareness.”

Now, due to its endless effort and dedication, Pink Ribbon has reached a point where women from rural areas approach to doctors in cities for early diagnosis and treatment. Despite the fact, that still, there is a huge gap to overcome to curb down the number of deaths per year, which is obviously not only through creating awareness but also facilitating the demand that has been created for early diagnosis.

Pink Ribbon aims to build Pakistan’s first ever Dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital that will provide state-of-the-art facilities for early diagnosis whilst raising awareness for women to get themselves checked before it’s too late. Pink Ribbon is seeking support from the corporate sector, Government institutes and the public at large, to come forward and build a much needed diagnostic center which will protect thousands of women and eventually thousands of families as well.

The idea behind this Breast Cancer Hospital is to provide the best available facilities to women as they deserve to be provided with breast clinics in our country to be treated on time, for a better and healthy life.

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