Parliament House Goes PINK To Help Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Ribbon, a Non-Profit Organization, is actively engaged in fighting breast cancer disease in women which eats up almost 40,000 precious lives every year in Pakistan.  Aging females have high chances of getting this disease.  According to stats in US alone 1 in every 8th women likely is prone to breast cancer.

Breast cancer deaths graph is on the decline since 1990 due to early detection, better screening, increased awareness, and new treatment options in developed countries.   But in Asia especially in Pakistan, more 10 million women are at the risk of having breast cancer at different stages.  Breast cancer is the second leading  cause of mortality among women after cardiovascular disease.

According to research conducted approximately 1 out of every 9 women are likely to be inflicted with this disease during their lifetime and about 77% of invasive breast cancer is diagnosed  in females over  50 years, but if diagnosed at an early stage the survival rates approach  to 90%.

Breast Cancer in most cases is not fatal and is curable provided diagnosed properly at an early stage. To create awareness regarding the disease, the organization has also launched a countrywide breast cancer awareness drive by symbolizing October as PINKtober.

On Oct 3, speaking about the campaign, Pink Ribbon CEO Omer Aftab said that breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed disease among women across the world. “Thus, there is a need to pay special attention to prevent this disease,”.

Aftab further said that the organization has also begun constructing Pakistan’s first dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital, and stressed on much-needed support build this hospital so that thousand of thousands women lives could be saved through early diagnosis, screening and treatment and this cannot be attained unless the contribution of well-off community, businessmen, and corporate entities.

Pink Illumination of Parliament House would remain for three days to highlight awareness of breast cancer, and how can early detection save millions of million women live.  So far, Pink Ribbon has breast cancer awareness, education and how to detect at an earlier stage to over 1.65 million  women and  850,000 female students . Breast cancer early detection increases patient survival rate more than 90%.

Millions of million rupees are being donated each year for the treatment of breast cancer, but the result shows the nominal change in combating death rate, but if the same amount goes to early diagnosis, awareness and educating women how a healthy lifestyle can help prevent them from this disease.

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