Faisal Mosque Goes Pink in PINKtober

Pink Ribbon Pakistan in its efforts to fight against breast cancer in Pakistani women, held a prestigious awareness event by illuminating iconic Faisal Mosque in Pink color so that ordinary people would tend to ask or would be curious to that why Faisal Mosque turned in Pink color what does it mean and why only in Pink. By merely typing Pink Illumination of Faisal Mosque they’d know that its due to breast cancer awareness drive in ordinary women to be cautious about their health as the early diagnosis is critically important and can be treated with appropriate care and treatment. Both Capital Development Authority and Administration of Faisal Mosque co-operated with Pink Ribbon to get this grand mosque turned into PINK.

Globally month of October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness and here in Pakistan Pink Ribbon is the only Non-Profit NGO tying best to aware Pakistani Women about how dangerous it is for late diagnosis as this translates to more complications in treating breast cancer. On the contrary, early diagnosis of breast cancer can save women from getting this disease malignant, and it can be treated with the use of proper medicines.

On this event, Mr. Omar Aftab highlighted the importance of women rights in Islam as they have got equal rights, so there should be no discrimination gender wise that women should not go for a medical check to find any complications in their chest particularly the breast area. He further downplayed a society where superstitions rule everywhere, stating that women should come forward for regular screening tests and should not believe that it is something against Islam or its Un-Islamic. He explained that there are ample lady doctors and ladies staff to conduct breast check and initial screening test in complete private manner.

He later emphasized the importance of dedicated Cancer Hospital where modern facilities are available to treat this disease via public and private contributions and donations. Early diagnosis facilities in the hospital can save our daughters, mother, and sisters before it’s too late to save their precious lives.

Now it is the duty of our readers to do their best in creating breast cancer awareness at everywhere through text messages, social posts, blogging and organizing events in both rural and urban areas in collaboration with Pink Ribbon Pakistan to spread this awareness campaign to every corner of Pakistan.

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