Donate PINK RIBBON to Build Pakistan First Dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital

A creation of an environment for women where they can decide on  their own is desperately needed, decisions without any undue pressure from domestic, social or community side. Pakistan is in dire need to increase and improve the social, political, economic, and legal stature of women, to ensure equal rights for them. Unfortunately, these norms are not present in Pakistan’s society. Not even when it comes to the health concerns of approximately 9.8 million women who are at a risk of breast cancer.

With 90,000 breast cancer cases being annually reported in the country, and over 40,000 deaths caused by it. Pakistan has the biggest rate of breast cancer in Asia. This can be prevented on a massive scale if an early diagnosis can be easily available to the masses.

Easily undermined is the fact that breast cancer can affect anyone, old and young, the poor and the rich, children and women.  This creates tons of financial and social problems inside a Pakistani family. Living in a developing country, a mass portion of our society lives in rural areas, where these problems are most common. Where no formal health education or infrastructure is available. Women are clueless about personal hygiene, and barely any of them have access to proper medical facilities due to gender-based discrimination. In most females, breast cancer fatalities were a booming (67.8%) in KPK, where most of these societal taboos are very common. It is believed that tell-tales and misconceptions about cultural beliefs, lack of awareness and taboos are mainly hindering early diagnosis. If to be diagnosed at an early stage.

“Breast cancer has a 90% chance of complete cure if diagnosed at an early stage. Yet the sad part of it is that most cases are reported late,” Dr. Rufina Soomro, a leading breast cancer specialist.

The Pink Ribbon organization aims to significantly reduce breast cancer mortality in Pakistan through increasing social awareness in the community in the lookout for early detection and diagnosis. By providing the community with the best treatment facilities, and counseling services to improve their standard of living. Sufficiently providing a comprehensive platform to their own research centers and building a dedicated hospital for breast cancer.
The change starts with you, the first helping hand. Help us raise and donate funds generously for the betterment of our women being our mothers and daughters. Join hands with The Pink Ribbon organization and revolutionize Pakistan in fighting Breast to Build Pakistan’s First Dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital.

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