Pink Ribbon Pakistan
A project of Women’s Empowerment Group is a non-funded, self-sustained campaign, mostly supported by contributions through public philanthropy and driven by a large number of volunteers all over the country.

CEO’s Message:
After 13 years of struggle against Breast Cancer, we believe that a dedicated breast cancer hospital with state of the art medical equipment is the dire need of today. Approximately 9.8 million women are at a risk of breast cancer in Pakistan. For some women this hospital can mean the difference between life and death. If diagnosed at an early stage, a patient’s chances of surviving are higher than 90%. Millions are donated for cancer treatment every year with minimal impact. If we inject that same funding to early diagnostic facilities and catch the disease at an early stage, this will significantly reduce the funds required for treatment of each patient and thereby tremendously improving effectiveness of donations.

We strive to significantly reduce breast cancer mortality in the country by creating widespread awareness through community engagement on prevention, early detection and increased access to treatment.

We are setting up Pakistan’s first dedicated BREAST CANCER HOSPITAL which will include state of the art Diagnostic and Treatment Facilities, Training Institute, Counseling Services, Research center and Quality Assurance Certification.

Our History

2004 – 05
Breaking the taboo

Launched Pakistan’s first national breast cancer awareness programme Initiated bold and open discussions on the sensitive topic of breast cancer and highlighted its importance Started establishing linkages with government institutions and corporate sector organizations for assistance and partnerships Received Front Line Golden World Award for 2005 by International Public Relations Association – IPRA for outstanding campaigning

2006 – 08

Signed MoU with Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Launched the first ever breast cancer mobile mammogram clinic bus to provide free mammograms to women in rural areas at their doorstep Launched free national screening program 500,000 pink ribbon commemorative stamps were issued by Pakistan post PRCP acknowledged as best 3rd world campaigning organization model at Canadian conference Initiated Pink Illumination (Wapda House, Minar-e-Pakistan & Mizar-e-Quaid) Initiated Youth Awareness Program with HEC to reach out to almost 80 Universities & Colleges Registered 8,000 volunteers

Pink Ribbon Hospital Project

Increased outreach of youth awareness programme to almost 200 Universities & Colleges Announced Hospital Project Purchased land for hospital in Gulberg Lahore Submitted architectural drawings in LDA Completed securitization of layout plans