Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmedl
Chairman, HEC

Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer in Asia with every 9th woman at high risk of getting the disease at some point in her life. Unfortunately lots of cultural and social taboos along with myths and misconceptions are associated with breast cancer contributing to high mortality rates as most of women report at stage III and IV, thus reducing the chances of survival. Fortunately, breast cancer can be detected and cured at a very early stage. Hence, it is important to focus on prevention rather than cure i.e. if diagnosed earlier the survival rate increases to 90%. Effective awareness holds significance when it comes to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the Breast Cancer. Therefore, creating widespread awareness about the disease is the principal goal of the Pink Ribbon Pakistan - a renowned name for spreading awareness on breast cancer. Higher Education Commission is glad to have partnered with the Pink Ribbon Pakistan and through our Youth Awareness Drive, we have jointly reached out to more than 850,000 students through more than 200 Universities and affiliated colleges. I hope this collaboration will continue to maximize awareness about breast cancer in young girls. Pink Ribbon and Higher Education Commission seek new arenas and innovative interventions coupled with strategic planning for reaching out to youth to ensure that message of breast cancer awareness may be reached out to each and every household of Pakistan. I would also like to congratulate Pink Ribbon for starting the construction of Pakistan’s first dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital and assure our support in this endeavor. Together we can defeat the breast cancer!

Prof. Dr. Sohail H. Naqvi
Vice Chancellor LUMS

“We must understand that breast cancer is a problem which is very close to our own homes and it needs to be dealt with in a concerted and consistent manner. We will use all our considerable resources for the success of this Program. Extra efforts will be made for conducting meaningful research in this area. Setting up an institute is a laborious process but it will surely benefit the society at large.” Wish you all the best for your project.

Imran Maqbool
President & CEO, MCB Bank Limited

Our association with Pink Ribbon stems from the emphasis that we at MCB place on the general well-being of women in particular as well as the overall welfare of the nation. Pink Ribbon has showcased a commendable effort in breaking taboos and raising awareness towards Breast Cancer, whilst exploring possibilities of viable treatment within Pakistan. On behalf of our esteemed bank that supports Pink Ribbon’s determined efforts, I wish them success in their new venture of developing Pakistan’s 1st dedicated Hospital for Breast Cancer.