Every Lump is not cancerous, it may be an infection: Shazia’s success story

Shazia Zahid: A year ago I felt pain in my left breast and as I proceeded to examine myself I found a lump. I never told my husband, as I ignored the pain and lump totally. But i was always worried that it might be something serious. Nearly after two months, I spoke to my mother and sister. Both of them advised me not to be hesitant and discuss it with my husband. When I told to my husband, he gave me emotional support and asked not to be worried.
During all that time, different thoughts came to my mind. I thought I have caught cancer and would be dead very soon. I started losing hope and it was total darkness all around me. Nevertheless, my husband supported me and we together went to the doctor, who advised for mammogram. After mammogram, biopsy was done to see whether the lump is cancerous or not. Biopsy made it clear that lump was not cancerous. I thank Allah for the news ever since. I would like to give a message to all my female fellows, not to get worried if you feel anything abnormal in your breasts because every lump is not cancerous. Plus, women don’t need to feel shy in telling their problems to their loved ones.
Every woman must have knowledge about breast cancer and Pink Ribbon is working really hard for it. It is a great cause to aware people. If I had knowledge about Breast Cancer, its types and treatment, I would have not gone through this mental suffering which I did due to my fear.