Determination is the key to defeat Breast Cancer: Shahida Hussian’s survival story

Shahida Hussian: I, 59, Director Performing Arts at Lahore Grammar School was detected with Breast Cancer five years ago. I casually mentioned presence of a dimple in my left breast to a friend who got alert and forced me to go for a checkup. I got my mammogram done and ultimately underwent surgery. The real struggle began thereafter. There were 6 cycles of chemotherapy and with every therapy came the side effects such as hair fall, nausea, swelling and so on but my determination led me through all that.
I fought with breast cancer with a positive attitude. I never thought that I would die of cancer. My only concern was my children especially when they had lost their father long time ago. This thought forced me to follow the treatment religiously. When my 6 weeks of radiation treatment ended, the next day I was in school. During going through chemo I never lied on bed. I never wore a scarf or a wig. I used to move around with bald head because this was the way God wanted me to be.
I feel that ideally there should be separate doctors for those who recover because for doctors the patients suffering from the disease are more important. That’s logical but those who have recovered have justifications of their own. The sword of cancer recurring is always hanging on survivors, so they need complete attention. Pink Ribbon’s initiative called ‘Pink Angels’ is admirable in this regard as I believe there should be a support system of cancer patients who talk to each other, share their experiences and guide each other.