Early detection would have saved me: Razia story of Survival

Razia: I belong to a village in Sialkot district. I was living a happy life with my husband and two beautiful daughters when on one shiny morning of July, 2002 I felt a lump in my left breast. Initially, I thought it to be just a normal gland of breast but over the period of time I started feeling severe pain in that lump. I continued to ignore the lump and pain for many days, but when it finally went out of control I told my husband about it. My husband took me to a doctor, who suggested a needle biopsy for diagnosis. Later on when reports came I was diagnosed as a breast cancer patient and it was at stage 2. I was shocked to hear that my breast would be removed from my body. I discussed the matter with my family who supported me and gave me strength to take the decision to go through surgery. I would never forget the emotional support given by doctors and my family during that time. My breast was removed and then my therapeutic intervention started. During chemo sessions I lost all my hair, but my husband and family continued to support me. I am now living a normal life, sharing this horrific experience through which I’ve learned a lot and met beautiful people. Having gone through all this pain, I now think that if I had detected breast cancer early and decided to go for immediate treatment, I would not have gone through all of this suffering. My message to all the women out there is, Please do self-examine your breasts regularly and if you feel any kind of abnormality in the breast you should quickly go to doctor as early detection increases chances of survival. This is also Pink Ribbon’s message. The Campaign is doing an effort to aware our women about this disease and spreading the message that early detection is the best protection. It is a great effort, which I really appreciate.