Myths can take your life towards danger zone: Nasreen survives Breast Cancer

Nasreen bibi: I felt pain in my left breast almost a year ago. I discussed it with my mother, husband and sisters but they all advised me not to visit a doctor but a mystic saint (Peer Baba) who did some sort of procedure (DUM DAROOD) on me. For months, I got treatment from Dam Darood but it went all in vain, as I did not feel any change in the pain. One day, I felt a lump in my breast. So, one of my relatives asked me to go to a doctor in Lahore, but my family was always hesitant due to the taboos associated with Breast Cancer. Eventually, on advice of my relative, and financial help by him I came to Lahore with my brother to see a doctor. My doctor told me that I had developed breast cancer, and it was at a stage where chances of spreading cancer are very high. My lump size was more than 5cm. Doctor decided to give me chemo sessions to reduce the size of lump before surgery. Now, I am currently going under chemo sessions, which are really painful. I have lost my hair even my eye lashes. I can’t see myself in mirror. Now, when I am the victim of this disease and passing through this dark tunnel, I think “I should have not relied on treatment by saint/peer baba. Breast Cancer should be considered as just like other cancers. It is a disease and nobody should associate taboos with it. I appreciate the effort of Pink Ribbon in this regard that all women should be aware of What is Breast Cancer and How It can be Diagnosed Early? Such awareness is very important as every woman should take of her health seriously. You may have listened a phrase “Jan hai to Jahan hai” (Life is Precious)