Emotional support helped me survive: Nargis’ success story as Breast Cancer patient

Nargis: Nine years ago in my right breast I felt a lump that was growing rapidly. I was very anxious about the lump. I discussed it with my husband who asked me to see a doctor as soon as possible. I went to the doctor who, after thorough examination, suggested a needle biopsy. The result showed that I needed an immediate surgery as according to doctors any further delay could prove dangerous.
After surgery, the doctor referred me to oncology department to see if there was any need of radiation or chemotherapy, but there was none. Another detailed checkup was done, which showed that there was still some toxic material present in the breast. As a result, the doctor decided to do another surgery. The same doctor did it just a month after the first one.
That period was very painful for me, but I had a hope of surviving as I wanted to live for my children. Since the second surgery, I had been fine but I can’t still forget the pain I went through. Being a survivor, I am thankful to God and all of my family members whose courageous support helped me cope with this disease. I also appreciate my doctor who was just like a blessing for me.
When a woman goes through cancer treatment, emotional and psychological support is very important. Especially when you hear about any other woman who had defeated Breast Cancer in the past, it gives you more courage and hope. It would have never been possible for me to defeat Breast Cancer without support of my family and doctor.
I admire Pink Ribbon’s effort of making a network of survivors where they can share their stories and help others. Words of survivors surely prove helpful for those going through the treatment. I came to know about Pink Ribbon from newspaper and electrical media. They are doing a good job. When it comes to conduct awareness sessions, Pink Ribbon must organize awareness lectures on regular basis and especially in remote areas where people usually don’t bother about female health.