Hope for Life: Naheed’s Journey as Breast Cancer Survivor

Naheed: The reason why I want to tell my story is to make others value their health. Before I suffered with Breast Cancer, I had heard about this fatal disease a little, but I never imagined of having it. I was very positive in my life, believing on the philosophy of ‘Think Positive, Have Positive’. I was living a normal life but two years ago, I felt a lump in my breast. Despite having some knowledge about the disease, I did not visit the doctor because I was not ready to accept the reality. I totally ignored the lump, but it continued to grow day by day. After a year, lump size was same as lemon. And then finally I gathered courage, went to a doctor and disclosed my issue. Doctor suggested me a biopsy test. After biopsy I was declared as a patient of breast cancer. It was a terrible news for me, but thanks to the support of my family, I was determined to fight with this disease. I was treated by a breast surgeon. The Surgery was followed by four cycles of chemotherapy at two week intervals. During chemotherapy sessions I lost all of my hair. But I felt no depression as I had hope to live. I wore a scarf all the time and I looked very different. During chemotherapy, I used to go to shopping to avoid tension and depression. Despite a lot of pain, I didn’t lose hope and always believed that I would survive. I am thankful to ALLAH almighty for giving me courage and hope. I definitely want to give a message to all women who are suffering from breast cancer that be brave and think positive as you can defeat your disease. I survived because I was brave to fight with this disease. If I had been equally brave at the early stage, I would have also avoided painful treatment like surgery and chemotherapy. I appreciate Pink Ribbon Campaign’s message that ‘Life after Cancer is worth Living’. This message is a hope, and gives many breast cancer patients like me courage and motivation to fight with the disease.