Early detection saved my life: Ayesha Khan thankful to Pink Ribbon

Aisha Khan: I have been a working women for more than past fifteen years. In fact I am one of the pioneers of Behbood Association. I have always been quite conscious about my health, but don’t know why I never thought of Breast Cancer before I myself suffered from this disease. Ignorance about such dangerous disease is taking lives of many women.
A couple of years ago, the Pink Ribbon mobile Mammogram bus came to Behbood Association for free Breast Cancer screening. I remember that when the bus first came to the office premises, all the women made fun of it (including myself) and discouraged each other from getting screened, even if for free, from the service Pink Ribbon was providing.
But upon insistence and encouragement from the Pink Ribbon staff a lot of women decided to go ahead with the screening. After all, there wasn’t anything to lose but a lot to gain. That decision is perhaps the foremost reason of my existence today. When my mammogram reports were handed over to me, I found out then that I was suffering from breast cancer.
I took this revelation with great fear and uncertainty. I had financial issues so I waited for them to improve before I revealed my medical condition to anyone. Throughout this time, regular calls from Pink Ribbon were made to me and they finally convinced me and facilitated treatment free of cost at INMOL.
Pink Ribbon followed up with my progress till the time I wasn’t given an all-clear from my doctors. I believe that had Pink Ribbon not pushed me, I wouldn’t have gone to the hospital. I also realize how important Pink Ribbon’s support and constant guidance throughout the traumatic process helped me pull through a disease that could have taken my life.
I am one of the many thanking Pink Ribbon today. Join this campaign and help save thousands of women!