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Pink Ribbon has felt the pain of these patients and their families who go through this immense grieve and devastation and analyzing the dire need of preventive health services; Pink Ribbon is launching Pakistan’s first dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital in Lahore.


Youth Awareness Programme

Recent trends have shown that young girls are also very likely to be hit by breast cancer in Pakistan but due to prevailing misconceptions, no one ever suspects this deadly disease in a young girl.

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Community Outreach Programme

Community based awareness drives are carried out on regular basis with the support of local networks in order to expand the outreach to the far flung areas of Pakistan and get the message across.

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Breast Cancer

Just the word 'cancer' can be frightening, and makes some people think of death. But what is it, really? What happens in your body and why is it so hard to diagnose and treat this disease?


It is very important for you, if you have found anything abnormal or if there is any noticeable change since the last examination, you must consult your doctor without any delay.


There are many different types of breast cancer, so the treatment is not the same for every woman. The treatment of breast cancer is determined by various factors.

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Najma Rizwan — Breast Cancer Survivor

Survivors play an integral part in the breast cancer program as they are the source of inspiration in every patient’s life, especially when going through this throbbing journey.

Sameena Naseem — Breast Cancer Survivor

A year ago, I felt pain in my left breast and as I proceeded to examine myself, I found a lump. I never told my husband about it and ignored it completely.

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Youth Programme


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Survivors: Words of Inspiration

Now that I have gone through all this pain, I think that if I had detected breast cancer at an early stage and decided to go for an immediate treatment, I would not have experienced all this suffering. You should self-examine your breasts regularly and if you feel any kind of abnormality, just consult a doctor.

Mrs. Razia

Every woman must have decent knowledge about breast cancer and Pink Ribbon is continuously working on it. It is a great cause to aware people about their health. If I had this knowledge about Breast Cancer, its types and treatment before, I wouldn’t have gone through the mental suffering that I went through due to my ignorance.

Mrs. Shazia

When a woman goes through breast cancer treatment, emotional and psychological support is your Hope. Especially when you listen about other women who had defeated Breast Cancer, it gives you true strength and courage. it would have never been possible for me to defeat Breast Cancer without the support of my family and doctors.

Mrs. Nargis